Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ah, Chaos

Observation: It seems many people find comfort in order, with everything perfectly in it’s place.

Me? Not so much. I find comfort in chaos. Not a chaotic life, please no more of that, but in the details, yes please!

Neat and tidy freaks me out. Perfectly put together hair, makeup and “outfits.” Grass without a single weed, the perfect home without a crumb or speck of dust, without color and life. Tame music and art and books that spell things out and don’t make me think and discuss and wonder and feel. Flat and boring things.

I like my life details to be real and rich and full of life and mess and universal authenticity. To me, nothing has a place, let alone everything. Things should be colorful and quirky and fun, not perfect and planned. Life can be mundane, why not fill in the in-betweens with things that are extraordinary just because they're interesting? Get messy, and dirty, and chaotic and have fun. Even if it's just in the simple, little things. Especially in the little things.

Be real. Live.

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