Monday, August 15, 2011

Nothing is Without Meaning: My New Tattoo

I've been working on my first real blog post for this shiny new blog, but in the meantime, I had to post a bit about the story of my new tattoo.:)

This was right after I got home so it's still pretty
red here, but isn't it pretty?:)

It’s not just a song lyric.

I got my new tattoo on Sunday and since I’ve pimped it out in all my social networking tons of people have asked what it means, so why not write a little blog about it rather than keep explaining.:)

Even though everyone who knows me knows what a huge RHCP fan I am, I didn’t set out to get one of their lyrics as a tattoo. I swear!:)

I’ve always wanted a foot tattoo and being a huge music lover, I’ve always wanted to incorporate song lyrics into it. I’ve toyed with tons of lyrics from all different artists but it’s taken me forever to find something perfect. And then I came across these lovely birds, and the rest fell into place. And while I was looking for a lyric that was slightly more obscure and not from a super popular song, the line from Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Scar tissue meant exactly what I was looking for.

The birds themselves are so pretty, and happy, and free. And yet they are in formation, circling, watching, observing. Simply being. And living. I just loved them from the moment I saw them. Elegant and simple.

And the words. “With the birds I’ll share” is part of the longer line, “With the birds I’ll share this lonely view.” It’s all about the view from a very individual place. It could be anything. Maybe it’s a lonely place, maybe it’s a personal place, maybe it’s just a that’s-where-you-are-in-that-moment place. My interpretation of the line has always been about seeing life from that very unique, personal perspective and being true to that even if it isn’t shared. And that’s why I’ve always loved it. And what made me want the words permanently on my body.

Plus, it’s a song about getting through hard times, and it’s been a rough summer. So the time was right to get it now. It’s therapeutic in a way, and healing. And I love it so.

So there it is. The story of my third tattoo.:)

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  1. Ah HAH! All this time I saw RHCP and went...who? D'OH! And of course I recognize the line now.

    It's a lovely tattoo, inked for all the best reasons.

    (I want my second now!)