Friday, August 19, 2011

Life is Complex. But Some Things are Simple.

There are things in life that seem like such simple concepts. You know, basic humanity stuff that should be natural.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about every person thinking for themselves and doing their own thing, and I’m typically not one to make blanket statements about what people should or shouldn’t do. But, there are certain human concepts that, in my opinion, if we all shared, the world would be a better place.

Example: Simple, simple concept: Every person is a human being.

That’s it.

I told you it was simple.

We are all humans. We are all living, breathing people with feelings. It doesn’t matter our gender, what God, gods (or none!) we worship, what color our skin, how much money is in our bank account. It doesn’t matter if we are straight or gay. It doesn’t matter if we have pink streaks in our hair or shave our heads bald. It doesn’t matter what degrees we have and from what universities or if we’ve learned from the school of life. It doesn't matter if we wear ripped jeans or tailored suits.

The only thing that matters is that we are human beings.

We all have blood running through our veins and a heart that pumps that blood.
We all have dreams and aspirations.
We all have feelings, emotions, thoughts.
We all have the right to be happy and respected.
We all have secrets.
We all have the capability to love and be loved.
We all want to belong and be part of something.
We all deserve an equal chance at life and happiness.

Treat each other like human beings. Not like objects. Not like statistics. Not like pawns in your world. Not like they owe you something. Not like you expect something of them. But like human beings, with layers and feelings, just like you.


Just care about people. Why is that so hard? Care about their happiness. Make someone smile. Make their day easier. Make them feel special. Just simply just care. Consider the whole person that’s inside every person you meet. That someone should matter.

Consider that every single person is a person just like you. And treat them likewise.

It may sound simple, but if everyone did it, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

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  1. This. Every word of this. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone lived according to this one simple precept!

    *dreamy sigh*

    One day.